Monday, September 12, 2011

Couple Handcuffed and Tortured a Naked Disabled Woman

A True Horror Story

Maurice-Johnson.jpg                                            Toni-Johnson_opt-1.jpg
Maurice Johnson bonded out of jail and disappeared,
 leaving his wife to rot in her cell

The 23-year-old woman made the perfect victim. She had no family and spent her childhood years in the Alabama foster system before aging out when she was 21. Police say she was mentally challenged and had no where else to go. So Maurice and Toni Johnson took her in...

But they weren't thinking about providing her with a loving home. They were looking for a sex slave to keep in their Gadsden, Alabama house.

The woman was discovered last week by another person living in the home. She was found naked and handcuffed to a bed. Her hair had been chopped off and it was lying next to her on the floor. She'd also been sexually tortured, though police haven't released details on what exactly happened.

After cutting the woman free, the cops arrested the Johnsons near their home. They were both charged with sexual torture, unlawful imprisonment and sodomy. Toni was also wanted on a warrant for resisting arrest and obstructing governmental operations. Maurice had an unrelated warrant for a drug charge.

But while Toni remained in jail, Maurice bonded out and promptly fled. Police believe he's hiding in Alabama, where he has relatives.

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